I started making movies!

I’ve been having some fun with Final Cut Pro in my classes this semester. Here’s two I did this week….



Todd 2.5.11


Deubie Brothers at Collegefest 2011



No post yesterday, and probably no post today. Started working on my column in advance for the first time in…. well ever, really. Also I began a proposal to begin the convergence of Brockport’s media-related clubs. Gotta save my good shit for that.

Day 2?

January 25, 2010. My struggle to write 500+ words a day is becoming increasingly difficult, and we’ve only reached day 2. Might as well peruse some ESPN.com headlines than rant about them, right? Write!

Barkley rips players who criticized hurt Cutler

—Well would you look at that?! Sir Charles Barkley is stepping up for Jay Cutler. The injured Bears QB received a pretty serious backlash from nation after leaving Sunday’s NFC Championship game early, but at least one former NBA-great has the current NFL-mediocre?’s back. My question is why? Why would Barkley come to his defense? Did they go on an epic craps run at the Bellagio? Did Cutler buy Barkley a lap dance at Chez Paris? Why Barkley?!

Jet’s Cromartie rips NFl, union for CBA talks

—The Jet’s cornerback opened up to the media today about how he felt regarding the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the obvious disputes between the players and owners. I know he just wanted to voice his opinion, but he really just try to get out the way of the camera. If you can’t even remember your kids names, nobody wants you involved in business negotiations.

Foot in Mouth: Welker says he regrets Ryan dig

— He probably regretted it as soon as he had said it. You never want to give a talented team like the Jets a rallying cry. Everybody on that team loves playing for Rex Ryan. Other players around the league have been dying to play for him. You don’t want to attack that guy in the media. But I am glad that Welker didn’t announce he regretted his comments until after The Jets had been eliminated. If the Jets beat the Steelers on Sunday, he probably would’ve just cracked the ol’ “They were just a foot or two ahead of the Steelers all game.”

UCONN football donor wants $3 million gift back

Roger G. Burton, the donor, is unhappy with the performance of the school’s athletic director, and he wants his money back. He wrote to Hathaway, the AD, “The primary reason Randy Edsall (former UCONN football coach) took another job is because he couldn’t work with you.” Regardless of how bad the AD might be at UCONN, you can’t just ask for a $3 million dollar gift back. It’s not like a Pizza Hut Lunch Buffet when your buddy can just get it next time. Does he want a field house back? Some jerseys or workout equipment? Surely that $3 million went to something, right?

Or maybe that’s why he wants it back. Who knows? All I know is I’m up to 450 and that’s enough for the day. Sportsmester Out!

A new dawn

It’s sad how much I haven’t been writing lately. I know there’s probably a limited number of devotees that even read this anymore, but even I’ve been getting down on myself about it. So I’m going to reallllllly try to write at least 500+ words a day or so on whatever’s going on each day  — sports world or otherwise.

—Winter break is officially over, and after over a month of “hanging out,” I can’t be happier to be at school. I was completely unproductive and started to sort of feel bad about myself as I found me doing nothing over and over each day. I also skipped out on the opportunity of a great internship (unpaid, but still I should have done it) so I could party all the time. I used holidays, a vacation, and tuition as excuses, but in the end, I just avoided it. Big mistake, but hey, we all learn from them right? Just got to grow each day.

—Today was the first day of classes for The College at Brockport. The rumors about communications majors are true, are classes are easier and more fun than yours. I’m off to another solid semester schedule with my earliest class of the week coming at a manageable 1:15 pm. SCORE!

—My first class, intro acting, looks like it’s a gem. I took it with my twin brother Shane, and other BFF “Dirt,” so I had high expectations for the class going in. But once we got there I realized the class’ true potential. The other fellas gave good energy, and there was a handful of cute girls. Basically, when your eariest class is 1:15 pm, intro to acting, with two of your best friends, and ideal class where participation is key, you get really great vibes for the class.

My second class, Advanced Media Writing, offers a course load of material on how to improve your social networking skills. Yuuuup, we communicaiotn majors spend our class hours doing the same thing you do when avoiding your final paper — perusing the internet looking a pictures on Facebook or funny videos on YouTube. Seriously, stop reading now and go sign up for some communications classes. You’ll thank me later.

—Because of the fiasco that happened between Jay Cutler & and the Broncos, I wasn’t upset to see him and the Bears lose in the NFC Championship to the Packers on Sunday. Throw in the fact that I sort of have a man-crush on Aaron Rodgers, and you got a really excited self-titled SportsMeister right here! Can’t wait to see A-Rod and the Pack take on the Steelers in the Super Bowl. I’m as hyped for that game as I’ve been in the last six years. If you could see me face right now, I’m probably making a hype-faced.

"...maybe if I twist it like, this, a little bit, it'll look like I'm more hurt?"

But G. Butler (my insensitive nickname for Bear’s QB Jay Cutler. Hint: It rhymes) received a lot of slack for leaving the game with a knee injury. His toughness was questioned nationally, until earlier today, it was revealed that he had an MCL Sprain. Ouhhhh. This is where people started to say, “Hey, maybe Butler really was hurt.”

No way! An MCL Sprain is a copout injury. I sprained my MCL in JV football and it really was fine as long as your throw a knee brace on. It was revealed this week that Tom Brady had been playing all year long with a stress fracture in his foot that will require surgery. Last season, he got surgery for a sports hernia that he had been playing with all season. The great quarterbacks play through their injuries. Basically, do you think Aaron Rodgers would have left that game? It would have taken two leg amputations to get that guy of the field. And ultimately, you know who won.

—Similar story on the other side of the NFL Conferences. The Steelers, a team led and unified by their QB Ben Roethlisberger, defeated the Jets, who behind second-year QB Mark Sanchez lost in the AFC Championship for the second straight year. The Steelers rallied around Big Ben after his suspension early in the season, and as usual, the bettwe QB won the game.

–If you think the Heat are “hot” right now, wait till the all-star break. They’ll really be “heating” up until June when they’re the “hottest” team in the NBA. Alright, alright. Obviously I’m not funny after 540+ words. Go read a 140 character tweet, much easier to get through. Until then, cya tomorrow

LeBron's been "Heating" Up! Hahahahahaha oh god I'm losin' it