4/22/10 Update

Sorry for my lack of blogging.  My new job is  a lot more work than anticipated.  But nevertheless, here is the update for 4/22/10 which features some NBA playoff predictions and some Chris Johnson madness. Enjoy…



4/8/10 Update


Newest Update.  A blog-like random sports thoughts column and a comical Masters-related story; enjoy!

NCAA Championship/WWE Raw Running Diary

Can’t think of a better opportunity to update my blog than a running diary of the Men’s NCAA basketball championship and Monday Night Raw.  Let’s go to work….

9:13– Butler vs Duke.  A #1 vs a #5.  A perennial powerhouse and a cinderella story.  Really should be a great game because of the explosive Dukee offense and stingy Butler defense.  Only disappointment is that Gus Johnson isn’t calling the game.  Too bad the Masters couldn’t have been a week earlier so Jim Nantz would have been busy.

9:15– Just announced that the Raw card will feature Orton vs Swagger, as well as Showbiz vs Cena & Batista.  Pretty exciting match-ups to be honest; should be a good night.

9:29– Scheyer with a huge block on the chase down!  He’s not a spectacular athlete and likely won’t do much in the NBA, but you have to respect his skills.  Shooting, defense, passing; he’s about as sound as you could want a point guard to be.  Plus his name is Scheyer which sounds like “Shire” and I’m a huge LOTR fan.

9:31– Say what you want about the crazy career track of The Miz, but Sheamus’ ride is just as crazy.  He went from being a no-talent punchline actor in movies to being in the WWE.  Seriously, it’s Steve the Pirate from Dodgeball ended up being the WWE Champion.  All he needed was one call to Canseco and he’s huge!

9:33– I don’t like the way Triple H uses his notorious sledge.  Why cover up the heavy part of the hammer when attempting a strike?  Oh, because wrestling is fake and a sledge-hammer blow to the head could kill somebody.  Right.

9:57– Little over five minutes left in the half.  An 8-0 run gives them a 28-22 lead, the largest of the game.  Been an exciting game so far, you can definitely tell that everybody is playing balls out and it’s really a lot of fun to watch.  I like the star-power of the NBA, but the emotion of college hoops possibly trumps it.

10:03- Butler goes on a run of their own, 27-28.  These teams are relying on the 3-ball tonight.  If Gus Johnson was calling this game it would look a lot like the video game.  That’s a big “if” though.

10:05– Show Biz wins by count-out.  Cheap move.  But no worries, the host has decided that they will need to defend their unified tag titles once more.  However, the troubled team of Batista-Cena won’t be appearing again.  Instead, it will be Cena and our special guest host.  I’m still not sure who that is?  Somebody from the WWE D-League perhaps?

10:09 Uncle Yooj threw out a fun fact related to this title game.  A few years ago both Duke and Butler cancelled their lacrosse seasons midway through the year.  I love fun facts; especially those shared by Uncle Yooj.

10:11– Duke can’t finish a last -second chance and they’ll take a one point lead into the halftime break, 33-32.  Gotta love the way the Bulldogs are fighting in this game.  Almost nobody gave them a chance.

Not sure why nobody gave them a chance though.  You’d think beating ‘Cuse, K-State, and Michigan State would remove the “underdog” status.

Nevermind, I’m jinxking them.  Butler is better off pulling the ol’ “NOBODY BELIEVES IN US!!!”

10:12– Ted DiBiase is complaining about his daddy issues.  Something about how is father missed out on his baseball and football games growing up because he was busy wrestling.  All fictional story lines aside, I’m curious if DeBiase actually has a vendetta against his father.  He seriously must have missed a lot of baseball and football games, right?

10:24– More highlights of Shawn Michaels’ farewell speech.  I hate to dog him because he’s been a great entertainer for so long, but do you really think this is for him?  I hate to sound like a cynical prick about it, but there’s going to be some lucrative offers sent in his direction.  I hope he doesn’t come back because I don’t want him to taint his legacy at all, but you never really know.

10:31– Prediction time!  I like Duke to pull out a close one.  Something along the lines of 68-64.  They have too much talent and experience to not pull this one out, but it should be an awesome half of basketball nonetheless.

10:39– Butler takes a 2 point lead!  Those Bulldogs just want it!  That’s raw-human emotion!!

10:40– Well that didn’t take long…. Duke answers, 40-40 and now, a word from our sponsors….


10:47– Screw my prediction.  With 14 minutes left and Butler down by 2 I pulled the trigger on a $5 bet with Shane-O.  I took Butler (+4.5).  Let me hear you Bulldog fans, NOBODY BELIEVES IN US!!!!

11:08- Seven minutes left, Duke leads 54-51.  That’s fine for the Bulldogs, most people assumed the Dukees would have ran them out of the gym by now.  In a side note, we’ve made the executive house decision to just watch the rest of the game and DVR Raw and watch it following the game.

11:14– Ouch!  Lance Thomas delivers a pretty serious foul.  Clark Kellog says it wasn’t flagrant at all.  Probably not but it was at least an irresponsible foul that resulted in a vicious fall.  Duke leads 56-51 with 5:02 left.

11:18– I don’t care how many epic championship sporting events are on, there’s always time for some Seinfeld on a commercial break!  “Hi Mr. Pitt, is Elaine there?”  Classic.

11:26– Two minutes left, Duke still leads 60-55.

11:27- Mr. Kellogg gives us the great analysis, “Butler needs a long distance shot, or some type of field goal.”  Really?  Ya think?

11:28– Great pass!  Butler layup, Duke leads 60-59 and calls a quick timeout to settle themselves.  One point game, with less than a minute left, what more could anybody possibly ask for in a national championship game?  Okay, other than Tim Tebow.

11:31– Tough rebound bounces of Zoubek’s foot!!  Butler ball, down by one, shot clock off… let’s see some magic….

11:32- 13.6 seconds left, timeout Butler.  You think you’re excited, FEEL THESE NIPPLES!!

11:35–  Well shit.  Butler missed, and was forced to foul.  Four seconds left and worst-case scenario is down by three, so there’s still the chance at a miracle long-ball 3 pointer.

11:37– An incredible half-court shot that just missed the mark.  The Dukees prevail and win their first championship since ’01.  Butler played their hearts out, and managed to cover the +4.5 point spread for me.  $5…CHA-CHING!!!

11:40– Just watched the Replay of the Randy Orton-Jack Swagger match and it was an awesome ending.  Orton flipped out and landed a perfectly scripted RKO for the win.  Love that the WWE writers are using this guy the way they should be.  He’s the best wrestler they got.

11:47- Sorry to all of my WWE fans out there, but the DVR didn’t record all of the episode and I couldn’t catch the ending.  But congrats again to the DUKEEEES and congrats to Butler for putting up a hell of a fight over the last few weeks.  The Butler Bulldogs are about to become what the Gonzaga Bulldogs became ten years ago.