What’s Been Going On?

It’s been awhile since I wrote.  A ton of school work, and a very relaxing spring break has kept me away from writing for awhile.  But I’m back and here are some of my sports thoughts..

–I won’t talk too much about March Madness because my bracket sucks.  I made the ridiculously stupid idea of filling out my bracket late Wednesday night; which happened to be St. Patty’s Day.  I also made the awful mistake of packing for a road trip late that same night.  I, predictably, forgot a ton of stuff.

So I filled out my bracket, then in four days I watched it unravel.  I picked Kentucky over Kansas so my champion still has a chance, but my other 3 of the final four….Kansas, Georgetown, and Villanova.  Yikes….

–Broncos made the move to get Brady Quinn last week.  Two lowly draft picks and a backup fullback for a potential star QB, gotta pull that trigger.  I like Quinn’s chances to become a successful QB under coach McDaniels.  He clearly knows what he’s doing on the offensive side of the ball.  Sorry for Mr. Orton thought, usually teams don’t trade for backup quarterbacks.

–Wrote last week about Tiger Woods and what might happen at the Masters for him.  This is about his off-the-course life.  Woods participated in his first interview since the crash with ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi.  Interview went a little weird at first because Tiger is still insistting that some of the things that happened that night are still private and between him and his wife.

But altogether, the interview was good.  Tiger needs to be seen more, he needs to come out from the shadows and be a real person to get back the support he used to have.  More interviews, more charity events, everything.  Then and only then will the fans who turned their backs on him come back.

–As the NFL draft inches closer you will start to see SportsMeister Inc’s scouts (me) talk more about it.  So have no worries about that


Kyle Orton Humilated…. Again

*Fictional Story

3/18/09- Matt Driffill

By all measures, Kyle Orton had a career year last season.  His QB rating, TD’s, yards, and completion % were all his highest of his five year career.  Yet despite a successful campaign from the quarterback position, the Denver Broncos missed the playoffs for the fourth straight year.

“We’re always looking to get better,” said head coach Josh McDaniels.  “If we think we can find somebody better to fill in at any position, we’re going to look into it.”

And that’s precisely what the Broncos did last week when they traded Payton Hillis and two draft picks for the former 1st round selection, Brady Quinn.  With another young quarterback on the roster it’ll be interesting to see who emerges as the starter.

“I like my chances,” Quinn said Wednesday about the QB competition.  “I know Kyle’s good, and he knows the system, but I’ll work my tail off to be the starter.  Plus, Kyle seems so insecure sometimes; not somebody the guys in the huddle can lean on to get them to the playoffs.”

There is at least one current Bronco who isn’t excited about the trade.

“When I heard about the trade I crapped my pants.  No joke, I crapped my pants,” Kyle Orton said.  “I know I can’t beat that guy in training camp.  I throw too many picks, I forget the plays, and I have a ton of accidents.  Oh god I think I just crapped my pants again!”

It has been reported that Orton has had bowel issues in the past, mainly during pressure situations in either games or his personal life.  Coach McDaniels said that his QB only crapped his pants four times last season, a career best for Orton.  But unfortunately, he gets nervous elsewhere.

“I was totally going to sleep with him,” said a cocktail waitress who preferred to remain anonymous.  “He’s the Broncos QB, who wouldn’t?  But just when he started his car this awful smell consumed the car.  He looked up and just started crying.  It was apparent to me that he had crapped his pants.”

Update 3/11/10

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Some talk about sports movies and the Giambi Brothers!  Enjoy!

No Love For Old Dogs……The Sequel

Last week I wrote an article about how shitty it was that Tomlinson and Westbrook got a metaphorical slap in the face.  I didn’t like how the Eagles and Chargers treated two of their most respected players.  I don’t like how NFL teams can completely disregard everything that a player has done for them once their productivity takes a dip.  It sickens me.  I get sick.

Well now, there’s another old dog who got no love.  Thomas Jones!  Where I can see how Tomlinson and Westbrook were let go (numbers weren’t there, they’re aging fast, and they both have battled injuries over the past few years), I don’t get why TJ is getting no love.

–He has run for 1000+ yards every year since ’05, and for three of those years he was over 1,300.

–Even with a 4-12 record in 2007, TJ has gone 46-34 over the last five years.

–As a running back he’s missed only one game since ’05, and no games since ’06.

–In that same span, he’s averaged more than 19.5 carries per game.  He’s missed one game in five years while carrying the ball that much.

–Like a fine wine, TJ has only gotten better with age.  He posted his best year to date last season at 31 years old, averagin 4.2 yards per carry, scoring 14 TD’s and totaling an impressive 1,400+ yards.

Basically I don’t completely understand what the Jets are doing here.  They have two explosive young backs in Greene and Washington who both look like they can carry the load, but why throw away TJ’s valauble experience.  Taking away the only guy on the offensive side who’s been to a Super Bowl seems like a risky move for a young team looking to get over the hump.

Maybe it’s just me though.

Update 3/4/10


The 3/4/10 update featuring a list of the “Top 25 Most Dominant Athletes” and a few excerpts from the highly anticipated “Wild Drugs and Crazy Mullets; The Barry Melrose Story.”

No Love For Old Dogs

What would Dolphins fans have done if Dan Marino was let go?  What about Jazz fans if John Stockton was released?  Could you imagine the riots in Detroit if the Lions had cut Barry Sanders?

Sure those three guys never won championships, but they gave everything they had to one franchise for their entire career, and the franchise gave them the same respect by holding on them as long as the stars wanted to stay.

But I suppose those days are gone.

Last week, on consecutive days, both LaDainian Tomlinson and Brian Westbrook were released from the San Diego Chargers and Philadelphia Eagles, respectively.  The two aging running backs were considered the two best at their position just a few years ago, but now they join thousands of other people across America who are currently looking for work.

A teary-eyed Tomlinson said his farewell in a press conference.  He choked back tears as he tried to put into words how much he loved playing for the Chargers.  Tomlinson was the strongest public presence in San Diego since Ron Burgandy.

Westbrook did a less public, less emotional farewell during an ESPN telephone interview.  He said he didn’t hold any grudges against the Eagles or Coach Andy Reid. And that he looked forward to continuing his career elsewhere.  Westbrook went on to explain that he was okay with it all because, “it’s just business.”

Okay, but when does the business side end?  These are two guys who have spent their entire careers laying it out on the line for just one team.  And these aren’t kickers or punters, these are running backs; the guys who take the biggest hits.

Brian Westbrook was putting life-after-football at risk last season when he was playing with a concussion.  Tomlinson has battled injury after injury the past few seasons just to have the opportunity to play in front of the San Diego fans that love him so much.  And in return for their hard work and dedication?  How about a “Thank You and a “Goodbye” from the teams’ coaches and general managers.

Unfortunately for the old dogs, running backs in the NFL age worse than meth addicts.  10 years of getting tackled, beaten, and blown up will do a number on your body no matter how hard you work out in the offseason.  Their productivity has declined rapidly, and consequently, so too has their worth to an NFL franchise.  When a RB turns 30, he might as well pick up golf and call it a career.

Tomlinson will get signed by a team when free agency starts.  Hopefully by a contender so he can add a championship to a resume that will definitely land him in Canton.

Westbrook will try to extend his career a few more years as he also seeks out a Lombardi Trophy, something that has eluded him despite playoff appearances in eight of the last ten years.  Most people wish nothing but the best for them as they have been standout athletes on the field and classy, upstanding citizens off of it.

I just hope in ten years, the Titans and Vikings treat Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson a little better.