A Decade In Sports…

As the decade draws to its end, sports fans are forced to look back and reflect on everything that happened.  And because of the explosive expansion of the internet and the media, sports are more relevant, and more talked about than ever.  Thankfully this decade produced some of the most sports moments in history.

Just a few to get the juices flowing….

–The Patriots beginning their dynasty with the unbelievable win over the heavily favored Rams.

–John Gruden leaving the Raiders for the Buccaneers than beating them in the Super Bowl that season.

–(As disappointing as it was) The Arizona Diamondbacks stunning the New York Yankees in the World Series

–The end of the Curse for the Boston Red Sox

–The three-peat with Shaq and Kobe leading the way

–The resurgence of the Celtics-Lakers rivalry

–The Steelers winning two Super Bowls

–Both Manning brothers winning Super Bowls (Eli’s with a pinch more of drama of course)

–Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl

–Really…. Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl

–Syracuse basketball running through the Big-12 on their way to a title

–Florida Gators back-to-back in college basketball

–USC always coming up one step short

–The Bills never made the playoffs

–Tim Tebow

–The epic Super Bowl between the Steelers and Cardinals

–The Cowboys stadium introduced the same year as the New Yankee Stadium

–The Steroids scandals in baseball

–Lance Armstrong winning six Tour de France tournaments in a row

–Michael Phelps capturing eight gold medals

–Tiger Woods’ mastery on the golf course, and in the online dating game

–The introduction of the Madden Curse

–LeBron James exceeding ridiculously high expectations.

–Roger Federer’s dominance over tennis

–The surging popularity of mixed martial arts

–The blunders of the BCS

–Jimmy Johnson winning pretty much every NASCAR series

–Dallas Cowboys’ playoff woes

–New England Patriots go 18-1 with one GIANT loss

–Kobe’s 81 points

–Usain Bolt’s incredible records

–Jake Plummer putting a new definition on “Playoff Beard”

–Sydney Crosby and the Penguins capturing the Stanley Cup over the Detroit Red Wings

Basically there’s been a ton of great stories and games and now it’s time to hand out some awards I like to call “SportsMeisty’s”

The SportsMeisty for the best team of the decade goes to….

The Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers won four NBA titles, and lost in two more finals.  They boasted two of the NBA’s best players of the decade (Kobe and Shaq) and for most of the ten years, put themselves as the forefront of NBA franchises.

Runner Up: New England Patriots

The SportsMeisty for the best athlete of the decade goes to…

Tiger Woods

You could obviously make cases for guys like Kobe, Peyton Manning, Michael Phelps, or Lance Armstrong, but I go the same route as the Associated Press.  Tiger Woods dominated a sport that has never been dominated before.  He is bigger than the PGA and everybody knows it.  And now with all of his incidents off the course, it’s yet to see how fans will react.  One of the most beloved athletes of all time may be one of the most loathed from now on.  Regardless of his personal life, nobody was as great, or successful at what they did this decade as Tiger Woods.

Runner Up: Roger Federer

The SportsMeisty for the best moment of the decade goes to…

Eli Manning and David Tyree, The Helmet Catch

It was a real life David vs Goliath story and David was giving Goliath everything he could for three and a half quarters.  Then the mighty Patriots rolled down the field when it mattered most, like they so often do, and scored a go-ahead touchdown late in the game.  It was over.  Over.  This was Eli Manning, not Peyton Manning.  He made a few completions, but it was a fateful third and 5 a little before midfield that would end up being the play of the decade.  Manning dropped back to pass, got wrapped up by two players, wriggled his way out, and threw a prayer of a pass about thirty yards downfield.  This was a feat in itself, that Manning was able to get away from such a ferocious pass rush.  Then the real miracle happened when no-name WR David Tyree came down with the catch over Pro-Bowl douchebag Rodney Harrison, on his helmet.  The catch propelled the Giants to become Super Bowl champions and it will forever hold itself in history.

Runner-Up: Depends on who you ask…

–Boone’s walk-off in the ’03 ALCS

–Red Sox comeback in the ’04 ALCS

–Santonio Holmes Super Bowl winning catch

The SportsMeisty for most memorable athlete goes to…

J.P. Losman

You keep your Tom Brady’s and your Tiger Woods’.  You keep your Chad Johnson’s and your LeBron James’.  You can even keep your Jake Plummer’s.  The most memorable athlete for me would be Losman.

Runner Up: Can’t say Tiger Woods because he stormed onto the scene before the decade.  So I’ll go with…

Michael Phelps

Thanks for reading, have a fun, safe, and Happy New Year!



I thought I was over the Alabama loss, but I’m not.  Since Tebow lost in that game, bad sports things have happened to me.  The Broncos fell into their annual late season collapse, my fantasy team went on an ice cold streak when I needed them the most, and Mason Aguirre (my favorite snowboarder) failed to qualify for the American Olympic team.

Basically what I’m saying is that the Tebow loss has a lot more to do with the order of the universe than non-believers want to believe.  Tebowism is real, and the ancient philosophies are too.  All things considered there could definitely be a Dan Brown conspiracy theory about Tebow and his effect on the balance of nature.  And if Dan Brown isn’t available I’m sure Raymound Kourhy is a more than capable substitute.

But it other news, here’s a basketball rant!!!

–Yesterday marked a very special day for people everywhere; the day some of the NBA’s best teams square off against one another!!! And the day proved to be ever-special once again when the Cavs routed the Lakers and the Celtics defeated the Magic.

Between being below average at school and trying to act like I do productive things, I haven’t really had the time to write much about the NBA.  Of course, when the NFL season is finally gone I’ll write about the NBA much more, but for the time I haven’t squabbled much about it.

So let’s do it!  I picked the obvious pick at the beginning of the year (Cavs over Lakers), and as I’m sure everyone could have predicted, it’s still right there.  It’s the one thing my twin brother Shane complains the most about when talking about the NBA.

“It doesn’t fucking matter who wins.  The same goddamn teams will be in the finals every year for ten years in a row.  My pick?  Spurs over Pistons; like every other fucking year.”

Of course that prediction was a lot more accurate and relevant back in’03 or ’05, but you get his point.  And I hate it, but it’s true.  There’s too many bad teams that not enough pressure is put up the top tier teams to go out and give 100% every night.  They know they can coast, save their energy, then go out and take care of business in the playoffs.

It sucks, but it’s real.  In the NFL your team needs to go out and give 100% every Sunday to have a shot at making the postseason.  In the MLB, there’s only four postseason spots in each league so every team gives maximum effort on a daily basis.  But the NBA regular season will be a slow motion blur of the occasional 50 point game with the Cavs, Lakers, Magic, and Celtics being there at the end as the favorites.

It’s boring, it’s sad, but it’s true.  And as much as I want to love the NBA as much as I do the NFL and MLB, I likely won’t anytime soon.

That’s my rant, SportsMeister out!

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What Now?

Last day of classes was yesterday, so you know I have to cue my favorite Pink Floyd song…


Not how it goes?  Eh, I like it like that.  Nice little snowy finish on an otherwise brash chant.  But enough about my anaylsis of 70’s rock and how it should be altered, let’s talk about sports!!!  Baseball Stuff!!!

–Heisman trophy is to be awarded tonight.  For the first time in three years Tim Tebow will not be the favorite or even the guy for second place.  He’s the guy who has done enough for college football to be invited to the presitigious event.  A sort of “Last Hoorah” for one of the best college athletes ever.

So who’s going to take home the bronze statue?  I say Mark Ingram by a hair over Dan McCoy (His real name is Dan).  I think a lot of SEC voters are going to shaft McCoy kind of how the Big 12 got Tebow last year.  I do think Ingram deserves it though.  You can’t really ask for much more from him.  He’s the go-to guy on the best team in the country and had a spectacular year against SEC defenses.

I think the voting goes down as 1) Ingram, 2) McCoy, 3) Suh, 4) Tebow, 5) Gerhart.  It kind of sucks for McCoy because you’d think that as the winningest player in NCAA history you might have been able to snag a Heisman, but second two years in a row is a decent consolation prize… Ask Darren McFadden.

–I wrote a fictional article about golfer Jon Daly reaching out to Tiger Woods the day after the accident, and now it’s officially happened.  Daly tried to reach him with no success and said, “If anybody could give him advice at a time like this for a situation like this, it’s me.”  Jon Daly, and J.P. Losman are writers’ gold.

–Brian Kelly is the new coach at Notre Dame I heard.  Curious to see is a previously successful coach can succeed in a position under so much scrutiny.  If the Notre Dame coach wasn’t obligated t0 be in front of a camera 30 hours a week, their game plan might be a little bit more well-rounded.  Charlie Weis may have bad cholestoral, but I don’t think he’s a bad coach.  He’ll land back on his feet as a coordinator in the NFL and he’ll likely be outstanding.

As for Kelly, he’s taking a job that, at this point, seems like a dead end.  The Fighting Irish alumni are too jumpy to stomach two or three losing seasons in a row and if that happens again, Kelly might be gone before his recruits are even developed.

I hope he succeeds and I hope Notre Dame is good again.  They’ve been a popular topic of discussion for all of the wrong reasons for too long.  It would be good for college football if they were good again.  Wouldn’t you like to see a classic Notre Dame-USC game with national title hopes on the line?  I remember when we did see that and it was one of the most exciting sporting events I’ve ever watched.  Hopefully we can see it again soon.


hahaha, thought I’d share that with you

New Post 12/10/09

New post today featuring my Week 14 picks and a fictional story about the MLB…


Real short post because I’ve been busy writing final papers and (gasp!) studying for exams.  The struggles continue on until tomorrow unfortunately, but when I’m free I’ll write some stuff.  Maybe an NFL power rankings?  Maybe an NBA power rankings?  The possibilities are surely limited, but there’s still some good options.

Bon’ Ape’Read!

Sports Stuff!!

Just some sports thoughts that I think are relevant…

–Danica Patrick signed with Nascar yesterday.  I think a lot of people saw her making the jump to the bigger pond of Nascar.  Despite not being the most succesful F1 driver of the past few years, she’s definitely the most famous.  It’s not sexist to say, “If she wasn’t a woman she wouldn’t have signed a deal with Nascar.”  If she wasn’t a woman she’d be another no-name F1 driver that nobody cares about.  But she is a woman, a girl going against the boys, and that’s what makes it exciting.  Nascarland is Redneckville and the addition of a sexy, influential woman in their ranks might throw some of the old cowboys off.  I just hope she’s better than she the last few years.

–I like the Granderson trade a lot.  I think he’s a huge upgrade offensively and defensively from Johnny Damon.  We traded our stud prospect Jackson, but Granderson is only 28 and should be around long enough until we develop another blue chipper in the minor leagues.  With the protection of Jeter, Texiera, and A-Rod around him, and the short porch in right field, I think he can easily hit 35 dingers next season.

–Concussions are a big deal in the NFL and I haven’t really tackled it yet, but there needs to be some kind of rule that keeps these guys out of games.  You look at Big Ben and you see a guy who’s had four concussions since his rookie year including a near fatal motorcycle accident.  Soon they’re going to have the “How many concussions Big Ben can have until he dies” count on the scoreboard like in Not Another Teen Movie.  And I know I joke around, but this is serious stuff and coaches and teammates should be punished for pressuring guys to play when they have concussions.

I wrote all of this while on the Jon so I’m going to mark today as a success

Sports Meister’s Welfare

Just so all my readers out there know, I am not okay.  It’s been four days since I saw the unseeable.  Tebow, Urban Meyer, and the uber-talented Gators laid an uber-egg against Alabama on Saturday and it still really hasn’t settled in.

Tebow’s not winning the Maxwell

Tebow’s not winning the Heisman

Tebow’s not winning the national title.

It just doesn’t feel right to me.  To help, I am officially missing the postseason for the third straight fantasy season.  A side thought that is really keeping me happy in these otherwise perilous times.

It’s okay though.  The Yankees won the World Series and the Broncos currently are in the driver’s seat for a wild card spot.  This will all be okay, right?  Right?!?!  RIGHT?!?!?